Cocoon Insulation


  • Cocoon Insulation is blown into attics and spray is applied into walls
  • It forms a dense, monolithic blanket that significantly cuts down on air infiltration
  • It fills gaps and voids- even behind plumbing and electrical conduits
  • Cocoon insulation installs to its stated R-value, and exhibits greater thermal performance at temperature extremes than fiberglass insulation
  • Cocoon insulation reduces the cost to heat or cool a home

Increased Safety

  • Cocoon insulation is treated with safe, fire resistant chemicals
  • The product has a Class-1 fire rating
  • It will char and smolder rather than ignite when exposed to flame
  • A cocoon insulated building will stand longer before collapsing than either a non-insulated or fiberglass-insulated building

Sound Performance

  • Because cocoon insulation cuts down on air infiltration, it cuts down on sound transmission
  • Cocoon insulated homes are noticeably quieter
  • In exterior walls, it reduces noise from street traffic, neighbors, and lawnmowers
  • Cocoon is great for interior walls around bathrooms, laundry rooms, and media rooms
  • You will be able to “hear the quiet” with Cocoon Insulation

Greater Comfort

  • Homes insulated with Cocoon insulation are more energy-efficient, safer, and quieter
  • Homeowners will spend less to heat and cool
  • Its performance is guaranteed for the life of the home
  • Cocoon insulated homes are less drafty
  • Take comfort in Cocoon insulation’s safety, performance, affordibility, and results
  • You will have a greater peace of mind by using Cocoon Insulation