Tips for Installing Glass Block Windows

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Tips for Installing Glass Block Window

Tips for Installing Glass Block Windows

Did you ever want to add a distinctive visual appeal to your home? Consider glass block windows. They come in an array of glass patterns and colors and vents can be added for air circulation. These windows use natural and artificial light to produce beautiful dramatic effects. Best of all, they enhance the security of your home by turning a high-risk window into a safe secure window. Keep out unwanted views, energy-wasting drafts and uninvited guests. When it comes to building materials that are affordable, practical and decorative, nothing else comes close

Easy to Install

  • Make sure your new window will fit properly. You will need a space of approximately 1/4th – 1″ all the way around the perimeter for mortar.
  • Remove the window sash and then remove the window frame by bending the top and bottom in toward the center and remove all old mortar.
  • Set the new window into place on top of 2 wedges. Check that it is plumb and level, then secure it with 2 edges at the top. If you are installing a vented window, the vent latch should be located on the inside at the top.
  • Mix the mortar according to the instructions. Apply the mortar around the perimeter using a grout bag or a trowel. Make sure the joints are completely full.
  • When the mortar begins to set remove the wedges, fill the holes and smooth the joints with a trowel and clean the glass with a cloth.
  • When installing into wood frames, wall ties should be nailed into the frame prior to setting the window to give the mortar better grip.

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