Just The Facts – Formaldehyde and Insulation

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You may have heard about Formaldehyde and Insulation –Many customers have asked us about formaldehyde in fiberglass insulation and what we think about our competitor’s promoting a “Formaldehyde-free” insulation.

From the time that fiberglass insulation was invented, manufacturers have used formaldehyde as a binder ingredient to help glue or bind the glass fibers together. A manufacturer is not promoting a formaldehyde free insulation which is a fiberglass insulation using a binder containing no formaldehyde. However, like all glass fiber insulation, formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation does contain trace amounts of formaldehyde, though less than traditional fiberglass insulation. These trace amounts do not present a health concern to you or to your indoor air quality and the environment.

In fact, these trace amounts of formaldehyde are all around us and not just in insulation. Paper towels, fabric softeners, cosmetics, paper money, apples, potatoes and yes….even beer!

So don’t be fooled by those manufacturers touting “Formaldehyde Free” insulation. Get the facts. Owens Corning continues to produce the best quality insulation in the world! Just ask any builder or look at the rankings. The 2006 Buyer’s Guide, Builder Magazine ranked Owens Corning first in “brand used most and highest quality rating”.

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